Ticketing Information

All material tickets will provide our customers with remarks with information obtained by a driver during pickup, drop off and or during the ticket creation for a scheduled delivery!

Additional Ticketing & Invoice Options

Setting up a project/job with detailed ticket information (such as tax status, purchase orders, lot numbers, job names, locations etc.) will ultimately expedite your billing process, minimize future uncertainty and set pricing for the job. With comprehensive communication this added value can be structured in the following ways:

  1. Setting up a job (requested with clear detailed advance notice) – By contacting us in advance for larger and ongoing jobs, projects, or departments. Setting up jobs in advance will carry through to billing-invoicing as well.
  2. By a per-load or single ticket basis (information provided without advance notice) by notifying our dispatch at the time of pick up, drop off or at the time the order is placed for delivery. All information will be noted on the ticket but will not carry through to billing-invoices.